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No one is above suspicion in this fast paced comedy thriller. It's filled with such clever wit that it made me not only laugh out loud, but left me gasping for breath as I followed Robyn in her non-stop, action packed, accident prone adventures.
Who killed Dave? Unexpected twists keep the reader in suspense while providing ‘tears running down the face’ entertainment. The book is hilarious, filled with suspense, adventure an,d dare I say, is delightfully ‘over the top’.
Pat Jennings

This book is a rollicking, riotous and raunchy read. Linda Cockburn has totally captured the feel, taste and smell of a generation of Australians so familiar to many of us.
Seldom has a book made me laugh out loud so often and so freely. A great read.
Melanie Sandford

Do you enjoy a good murder mystery? Feel as though you have the blood of Sherlock Holmes running through your veins? If so, then grab your magnifying glass and join the residents of Kaos Court to find out 'Who Killed Dave?'.

Kaos Court is a whacky Australian suburban street which houses an array of even whackier residents who range in whackiness from a blind telephone sex operator to Harry the Hermit and Bundy the Pitt Bull. In Who Killed Dave?, Linda Cockburn, takes the reader on a journey through the bizarrely connected lives of these residents.

Who Killed Dave? is narrated by Robin, a psychic masseuse and one of the more balanced residents of Kaos Court. However, trouble seems to follow Robin around and she continually has to navigate her way through a series of bizarre and dangerous situations in her quest to find out who killed Dave - one of the Court's more unpopular residents. Everyone in Kaos Court becomes a suspect in Dave's bizarre murder, including Robin, and to be honest, any one of them are crazy enough to have committed the crime.

Witty and full of surprises, Who Killed Dave? is a tale that is bound to please those with a sense of humour, any fan of crime fiction with a touch of the bizarre or anyone who just wants to have a good laugh at the expense of others. Who Killed Dave? is recommended reading for anyone looking for a light-hearted and raunchy murder mystery.
Dog-eared Books Online

This was the funniest book I have read in a long time, it was great to find a book that hadn't been Americanised at all.
Kind of like a cross between Neighbours, Cop Shop, Comedy Company and Kath and Kim.
We've all lived near a "Dave" or a "Dorothy" at some stage though I haven't met any blind phone sex workers, not yet anyway!
Completely different to Linda Cockburns last book that's for sure!
This book had me giggling often, rather embarassing on the bus!
A book you'd have to read to get the jokes, but not for the easily offended. I won't be passing this book on to my Mum!
Wendy from GoodReads

Funny, different, enjoyable read. I love the Australian-ness of the whole story. I swear I know someone like each and every one of the characters. I found this to be an enjoyable quick read. I hope Linda has another book in the works. This is her second book that I have read and I find her writing style most enjoyable.
Dot from GoodReads

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