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Louis(e) is based on the life of Louise Girardin who travelled as Louis with the D'Entrecasteaux scientific expedition during the French Revolution.

Told from the perspective of her ghost, Louis(e) follows her living self through her trials on board the Recherche. Louise's ghost abhors her living self, and attempts to create what distance she can between them
despite never being able to leave her side.

Louise is soon suspected of being a woman. Harrassed beyond endurance, she stabs an officer with a kitchen knife and is challenged to a duel, which she fights with operatic dash on a beach near Recherche Bay, Tasmania.

D'Entrecasteaux, the commander, encourages all on board to learn the natural sciences, and Louise is an apt pupil. She learns of the sea, stars, flora and fauna, the difficulties of shipboard life, and to love Merite.

But while Louise maintains her onboard deception there is a greater deception to be revealed.

5000 word excerpt