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Living the Good Life
Linda Cockburn
How One Family Changed Their World
from Their Own Backyard

and Simple strategies for sustainable Living
Published by Hardie Grant Books

signed by all three family members

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Living the Good Life is published by Hardie Grant and is not carbon offset, printed on recycled paper, or use vegetable inks

Disillusioned with their lives, Linda Cockburn and Trevor Wittmer decide this is how to break the cycle
of too much work and too little time for doing the things that are important, like spending time with their son, Caleb.

Their idea of living sustainably on a suburban block is simple and perfect. By drawing all their power from the sun, harvesting their water from the rain and growing enough produce to give them variety, they can do something positive for the environment and for themselves.

For six months they take it to the extreme - and come up against a drought, an onslaught of fruit fly, and the demands of an unruly goat called Possum. But they also become fitter, healthier and happier, and delight in the simple pleasures
of being reconnected with nature.

Join them on their journey - share their recipes and tips for how to live more sustainably and learn astounding facts on the state of the earth.

Imagine not needing money
Not for bills - there are none
Not for food -
you grow or make it all yourself
Not for transport - you have a bike
This is a practical, fascinating and inspiring read that will have you looking afresh at your own backyard